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FatCow eMail Features Review

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One of the most-popular concerns a potential subscriber has with FatCow is the email features. What are the mail features I get with them? Are they good enough?

FatCow Mail Central Screenshot

Unlimited mail accounts anyone?

As one of the host who offers unlimited, FatCow hosting allows subscribers to create unlimited numbers of POP3 email accounts. With that said you could have whatever number of email address with your choice of name on your own domain, for example, What you need to do is to pick a name and create the inbox at FatCow’s Mail Central. You can then repeat creating as much email accounts as you wish.

In term of accessing the mails, POP3 account enables you to download email massages from the mail server to local computer. With simple settings on your mail client you will be able to get the messages delivered straight to the local inbox.

However if you prefer to read your email online, there are 3 different WebMail Clients to serve you: AtMail, SquirrelMail and Horde. Below are the descriptions on each WebMail Client that quoted by Fat Cow Hosting.

  • AtMail: It is a feature-rich IMAP account e-mail solution that provides a complete and innovative user interface for accessing e-mail resources via Web browser or wireless device.
  • SquirrelMail: A standards-based WebMail package, written in PHP4 for maximum compatibility across browsers. SquirrelMail has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.
  • Horde: Horde is a comprehensive Internet Messaging Program that offers many of the features available in e-mail clients like Outlook Express. Users can read, send and organize e-mail messages, manage calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

For myself I prefer to have POP3 accounts. Accessing my mail is much faster offline. However, WebMail remains as a useful tool when I am on the move. I could check my mail on a public shared computer with the clients.

What other mail features FatCow possesses?

Well, FatCow has most of the must-have email features, 2 of them are spam filtering and newsletter manager tools. People hate spam. So FatCow put up spam filter to opt out SPAM even before they reach your inbox; while newsletter manager tool is another great feature to create lists and send newsletters to your subscribers. This manager tool is yet another great stuff come free along with your hosting account.

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