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iPage Review


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iPage hosting has long existed since decade ago. Their team is formed by a group of veterans with average 10 years of experience (at the time of writing). Due to their strong hosting security and reasonable pricing, iPage has emerged as one of the top host in the industry! The SiteLock Security Suite which comes FREE along the hosting package is definitely a feature that you shouldn’t miss.

Best Security Hosting – Come with SiteLock Security
FREE Domain Name, Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth & Add-on Domains
Over 100 FREE Website Templates
Best For Blogs, Forums, e-Commerce & Small to Medium-Sized Websites

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iPage Review

iPage $1.99 Promotions!

Attentions: The long awaited iPage sales is live NOW! You can get iPage’s unlimited hosting at $1.99 only! According to the news we get, the offer will only last for around 7 days. So it’s really a limited time offer! To grab the discount on iPage, continue reading here.

iPage is formerly a website-builder software developer, offering total solutions to clients who wish to have their presence online for the past decades. Seeing the potential, the company has emerged into a web host providers a few years ago. In my opinion, for any business that can survive the competition in the Internet for more than 10 years, they must have something in it. It’s no surprise at all that iPage knows what a website needs to be successful.

What Does iPage Have For You?

Free Domain of Your Choice

First of all, you will get 1 free domain of your choice. It can be any .com, .net, .org, .biz and etc domain. You will get it free when you subscribe to iPage for at least 12 months term.

iPage Offers Unlimited Resources!

iPage provides unlimited storage. When it says unlimited, it’s limit less! You can host as many files as you wish in the hosting account. Well, of cause it’s limited to only website related files. Don’t even think of personal storage! With that said, you have plenty of space to use.

In term of bandwidth, you will have limitless bandwidth too. What exactly a bandwidth is? To explain this, let’s imagine we are visiting a blog. When we type the blog address (URL) and click enter, the request is sent to the server and the websites will be retrieved and displayed in your web browser. The resource needed to fetch all the words and pictures on that blog is called bandwidth. How many bandwidth you have limits how many time your website can be viewed. In this case, you are unlimited.

While storage and bandwidth limits the size of your website, add-on domains limits the number of website you can have. In iPage you are allowed to host multiple websites under 1 hosting account. This is an important feature where you can save money from buying extra hosting when you are knee to have another blog or business website.

While unlimited-resources are limitless, the host company does monitor the usage of your hosting account. Anything that excesses the normal usage, you are in trouble. When it is said normal, don’t worry about that, you will never trigger the alarm unless you are building P2P or massive streaming sites. In my opinion, this is a fair policy where iPage makes sure certain user does not jeopardize the hosting experience of the rest.

While there are not all yet, iPage allows users to have unlimited database and unlimited email accounts. Have you ever wanted an email address with your own choice of domain name? Like This is where can be done. After choosing your free domain name mentioned earlier on, you could create email address on that domain name. Best of all, you can create as many as you like. Get one for your mom!

It’s Easy To Build A WordPress Blog with iPage

Yes you can have your own WordPress blog with iPage. All you need to do is to take advantage of the pre-installed WordPress script in the hosting account. The 1 click auto-installation makes WordPress extremely handy.

In fact, almost all of the subscribers I’ve come across use iPage as their WordPress hosting, for their low pricing and comprehensive features. You may also want to know that iPage is recognized as the Best WordPress Hosting in here.

Scripts like Joomla, phpBB, Drupal and osCommerce are all available in iPage. You probably need 1-2 mouse clicks to get them installed. There are over 20 free scripts that you can utilize in iPage. For your information, iPage has grouped all these scripts under a folder named Install Central. To gain access to these features, just navigate to Install Central and choose the scripts that you wish to install.

The screen shot on right illustrate the WordPress 1-click-installation. All you need to do is to fill up the form shown and click “Install Now” at the bottom of the page. And your WordPress blog is ready. You can then choose a template from the Internet to customize your blog.

Secure Your Website with iPage SiteLock Security

They are the first major web host to incorporate The SiteLock Security Suite. You can stop hacking and spamming activities happening on your website using the malware and spam scanning function in the suite. You must be aware that hackers do exist and they do quietly place unwanted stuffs in your website (like Vigra & Casino ads!). Not only that, the best part of the SiteLock Security is that you are able to prove to the visitor that your domain is legitimate and is not involved in any phishing scams. This is a great feature to help you establishing a strong brand of your own.
iPage SiteLock Security

Native English Speaking Support (100% North American)

It’s almost a norm for web host providers to outsource their customer support to other countries especially developing countries. This is obviously to save operating cost. However in iPage, their phone support is 100% North American. With that, needless to say you will not have any communication or line delay problem. Not only that, their phone support is ever ready for 24×7. Besides, chat and email support are 24×7 too. So do expect your issue will be attended in very short while.

iPage also promises to answer calls in under 2 minutes on average. In my opinion, 2 minutes is kind of long. Imagine yourself holding the phone listening to the dialing tone for 2 minutes! I hope they can do better than this. Anyway, looking at the number of domains they are hosting (1,000,000 and still counting), I bet it’s not easy to give such promise too. In my humble opinion, what is important is that you know there will be someone whom we can reach for when something happens. That is the key point!

Free $250 Worth of Marketing Credits

When you subscribe to iPage, a total worth of $250 advertising credits will be given free. That includes $50 Google Adwords Credit, $25 Yahoo! Credits, $50 Facebook Credit and a listing on However, the free credits are only applicable to new users of the named advertisers. Example if you are an existing Google Adword user, the credit is not usable. Thus the freebies serve little purpose for existing users.

However, a listing in is definitely interesting. You can list your website and services in the directory and get exposure when people search about your product.

iPage Web Hosting Suite

iPage Anytime Money Back Guarantee – Host Without Risk

When you subscribe to a host, it’s a norm to pay upfront the entire fee. For example if you are buying a 12-month subscription, you are asked to pay in full. So in iPage, this applies too. However, rest assured that your money is safe guarded as you are covered by their 30 days full money back guarantee. For the first 30 days, you can cancel the hosting and walk away with a full refund, regardless of any reasons. In fact, iPage will not ask for one.

After the 30 days, you are still covered with their anytime money back guarantee. You will get refund based on the period that you have used. For example you decide to cancel the account on the 70th day. You have used the hosting for 3 months. Therefore 9 months will be refunded. You pay what you have used.

iPage Current $4.50 $1.99! Promotions

iPage is currently doing their seasonal promotions and it’s chagrining only $4.50/ month $1.99!, regardless of terms you are subscribing. For all the features you read just now: 24×7 support, unlimited resources, $250 worth of freebies and etc, it costs you merely a cup of Starbucks (as quoted in Jerry’s iPage review)!

Sign Up iPage While The $4.50 Promotion Last!

Conclusion: Is iPage Recommended?

Absolutely. If you are looking to host either: your website, a business or leisure blog, a photo gallery, a private social site to connect with your friends, or all of them at once, iPage offers a total solution at very budget pricing. At $4.50/month $1.99, no other web host provider gives such comprehensive hosting plan. While price doesn’t mean quality, iPage has also proven themselves by having more than 1,000,000 domains in their servers!

iPage: Deal or No Deal?

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Hosting Platform iPage
Platform Linux
Control Panel vDeck 3.0
Green Hosting 100% Green
Subscriptions Price/month
12 Month Term $9.00 $4.50
Anytime Money Back
Hosting Features iPage
Free Domain
Data Storage Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited
Add On Domain Unlimited
Server Side Includes
MIME Types
FrontPage Extensions
PHP Versions 5.2.2
Audio & Video Support
Online Backup 2GB FREE
Google Website Tools
Email Features iPage
Email Accounts Unlimited
Web Based Email
Spam Filters
Virus Checking
iPhone/ BlackBerry Compatibility
Website Builder iPage
Drag & Drop Builder
Website Creator CM4all
Website Templates 100 FREE
Hosting Security iPage
SiteLock Security FREE
Daily Malware Scan
Domain Verification
Spam Scanning
Software & Scripts iPage
WordPress/ PixelPost
Coppermine/ ZenPhoto
phpBB/ SMF/ Gbook
Joomla/ Drupal
Mambo/ e107
eCommerce iPage
ShopSite/ osCommerce
PayPal Integration
Shared SSL
Technology iPage
Load Balance Servers Dell
Fiberoptic Connections
Gigabit Backbones
Cisco BGP4 Protocol
Dual Sys. Power Backup
Customer Support iPage
Email / Live Chat
FAQ & Tutorials
N.America Agent
Telephone Support

24 x7