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iPage Coupon

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Web hosting companies love to give out coupon. iPage is not exception too. Of cause their motive is very clear. They give you coupons for instant discount but you become their customers for years. They want your business that they may lose money the first year but they will make it back the following and so!

Anyway, it’s always good to enjoy the discount since that’s absolutely free money! So let’s get into the meat:-

iPage Coupon

Best Security Hosting
Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
Secured Web Host with SiteLock Security
24×7 Telephone Support in North America
Price: $63/year  $42/year

* You don’t need to enter coupon code.

iPage Coupon

Just a remark, the discount does not require coupon code and it is available through the discount link mentioned above. Click through the link and you will land on a discount page stated with $3.50/month on iPage hosting. The coupon is time limited and I do not know its expiry date. I can only hope the discount is still valid when you read this. So if it happens that the promotion has expired, please refer iPage Coupon for the latest promotions.

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