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6 Ways To Generate FREE Traffic That You Can Use Right Away

Competing for visitors in the vast marketplace that is the Internet will typically require thousands of dollars in placement of advertisements. However, not all website owners have this much funds. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways one can do to generate traffic to a website without as much as spending a dime for the effort. Here’s how:
Generating Free Traffic To Websites

1) Design Your Website To Be Search Engine Friendly

Make sure that your website is designed such that it will get “seen” by search engines. Bear in mind that these each engines each have their own criteria for judging a website’s worthiness. But in general, search engines rank websites based on the relevance of the website content, the frequency of websites linking back, and the regularity of content updates. Once you put all of these in order, you can then get your website listed on search engine directories to further guarantee your site to be indexed later.

2) Get Your Website A Facebook Fan Page

The most popular social networking site Facebook has over 500 million users, with each user having 130 friends on the average. So imagine just how much visitors you could potentially gain from just a handful of people “liking” your website’s fan page. Fan pages are public as well, so that is an added boost to your popularity as anyone searching for anyone on Facebook could very well stumble upon your page just like that. Plus, you’ll have absolute control over the page’s content. You can put in as much links as you want, and as often as you would like to. And since these updates are sent out as news feeds, then the greater chances of having your content actually getting read.

3) Have Some Networking Help From Twitter Too

Practically everyone has a Twitter account now. In fact, it has since replaced mobile phone texting. With the latter, only a limited number of people are reached by messages. With Twitter though, anyone you are following or is following you, plus these people’s respective network of followers, get to read your posts. So with a Twitter account specifically dedicated for your website, you then have the potential of reaching countless number of people. Plus, you only need to compose really short messages if you use this platform. So if you are busy with other things, you can get to promote your site in 140 words or less!

4) Get Your Website Adequate YouTube Exposure

YouTube is another platform that can greatly boost traffic to your website. All you need to do is to come up with creative clips and upload it to this most popular video-sharing site. Of course, you need to make sure the ones you get online are those that will not just disseminate information about your site, but those that will pique the viewers’ fancy as well. Do not make the videos too long, or else you end up with nasty comments, or worse, risk losing the interest of your audience altogether.

5) Have All of The Necessary Information Detailed On Your Website

Putting up useful content will of course increase the potentials of people looking for information actually visiting you website. Make sure the home page says it all. Have a really short yet highly creative copy made for this very purpose. Bear in mind that netizens are a fickle lot. You need to immediately grab their attention or they’ll bail out from your site. Put up a detailed “About” and “FAQ” page as well. This way, your visitors will be more acquainted with what the website is all about.

6) Put Up A Blog To Support Your Website

Do you know that a blog enjoy more indexing from search engines than websites? Work this to your advantage by getting a blog running, one that is meant specifically to complement your website. This means that you have to make sure the contents are relevant. Never stray from your website’s theme by uploading entirely unrelated articles. If you are selling products, then by all means have articles detailing each item’s specs written. If you are selling services, say for your home renovation company, perhaps you can come up with how-to or instructional articles relating to DIY improvement projects. Of course, have your blog regularly updated with fresh write ups. Doing so will get your blog—and ultimately your website—indexed by search engines.

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