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Make Your Website “Like”-able: The Three Best Facebook Plug-Ins

Facebook Like ButtonIf you tuned in for last month’s entry – Why You Need Facebook, you already know why it’s important to have a Facebook page for your brand. Facebook helps build your brand’s personality, it helps you gather real-time customer feedback, and it keeps you connected to current and former clients who follow your brand.

But how do you get people to Like you? How do you turn casual visitors and happy clients into loyal Facebook followers? Well, all it really takes is the click of a Like button! Think about the last website you visited or the last article you read online. Somewhere on the page, there was probably a button that looked like this:

That’s the Facebook Like button next to the Send button. Both are popular plug-ins that you can install together by simply copying the free code and inserting it into your website HTML.

There are hundreds of plug-ins to choose from, but this week, I’m going to focus on my three favorites: the Like button, the Login button, and the Like Box.

The “Like” Button

You’ve seen the Like button on Facebook (and if you haven’t, where have you been hiding!?). But did you know that you can put it on your website, too? And on individual pieces of website content?

When someone hits Like on your website, they will automatically Like your business page and be taken to Facebook. Then they’ll get your Facebook updates on their newsfeed.

And that’s not all – you can put a Like (or Share) button on blog posts or single news articles. When someone finds your content interesting, they can hit Like and share it with all their friends on Facebook. It’s free publicity. And it spreads fast!

Do it right and put both kinds of Like buttons on your site. Let’s look at an example:

Facebook Like Button On CopyBlogger
The Copyblogger (Open in new window) website includes a Like button that takes users to the Copyblogger business page, and a Share/Like button that allows users to post the individual blog post on their Facebook wall.

The Login Button

Do you have a website that allows your users to log in to make a purchase or view their profile? Then you should try the Login Button. This plug-in lets your visitors log in to your website in one click – using their Facebook account! This plug-in is super convenient because they don’t have to memorize a password and username for your website.

That’s not all: the Login Button also shows your users which pieces of website content are popular on Facebook. For example, the NY Times (Open in new window) has a Login Button that shares links to popular articles before you log in:
Login to NY Times with Facebook
After you log in with Facebook, you’ll see a list of articles that your friends have Liked:
List of Articles Your Friends Like
The Login Button is a great way to point your visitors towards information that they might enjoy.

The Like Box

The Like Box is a plug-in for the sidebar of your website. It displays photos of people who Like your business page, plus a newsfeed of your Facebook updates. One of my favorite things about this plug in is that visitors can Like your business page from the Like Box, so it can take the place of a regular Like button. It’s like two plug-ins in one!

Here’s an example of a Like box on the Everyday Health page (Open in new window):
Facebook Like Box integration
Pretty great, isn’t it? The Like Box is total website-Facebook integration. It’s like a mini business page on the sidebar of your website!

Let Facebook Work Hand-in-Hand with Your Website

Linking to Facebook is a great way to increase the traffic on your site! And, plug-ins are fun for your users because they can see if their friends follow your business page, and find out which content on your site is the most popular.

In my opinion, the plug-ins in this post are some of the easiest and most useful for both you and your Facebook followers, but you can find these and plenty more on the Facebook Developers page. (Open in new window)

What are your favorite plug-ins? Leave a comment and let me know!

  • Ileane said:

    Hi Darren,
    I’m not a huge Facebook fan, but I do know how important it is to maintain one, especially for small business owners. I like the idea of having the like button and with the last round of changes that added the Facebook Ticker, a “like” might have just as much visibility as a share. I do have the Like box on one of my blogs but I wish I had a way of knowing how many people are making use of it. Thanks for the tips Darren.


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