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The 3 Favorite Apps I Use To Analyze My Websites

In our last post, we talked about a few ways you can improve your website by analyzing your data with Google Analytics (GA) . Hopefully you’ve jumped on the opportunity to learn more about your bounce rate, where your users come from, and which content they like the best.

But even though Google Analytics can tell you a lot of information about your website, you can still add on applications and learn even more! There are hundreds of GA applications available online, but I’ve picked three of my favorites to help you out: Social Sprout, AnalyticsView, and the GA plug-in for WordPress.

Sprout Social: Who’s Talking About You?

You know how many hits you get on your website, but have you ever wondered how they compare to the number of people who visit your Facebook page? Or how many of your Twitter followers are 30-year-old males? Or what people are saying about your company online? Social Sprout answers these questions by integrating data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites right into your GA dashboard. Then, you can generate reports that let you look at all your data trends at once to identify where your users are connecting with you through social media.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social lets you search for people in a specific location who are talking about a specific topic.

And why do you care about your social media statistics? They’re a great research tool! Sprout Social lets you know how many people you’re reaching through your social media profile.. and what demographic these users fall into. So, if most of your Facebook fans are females over 40, and most of your Twitter followers are in their mid-20s, you can target your marketing material differently on these sites.

Also, Sprout Social lets you know who’s talking about you on social media sites, even if they’ve never actually connected with your profile. This is great feedback for your company – you can figure out what people really think about you.

AnalyticsView: Report the Info that Matters

AnalyticsView is great for people with an e-commerce site, or who need help identifying keywords, or who have a B2B website.. or just about anyone, really.

Basically, this app takes data from GA and dives in deeper. So, while GA tells you which search terms are used to find your site, AnalyticsView tells you which keywords bring visitors who actually stay on your site instead of bouncing away. And the Adwords report doesn’t just tell you how many people clicked on a certain ad on a certain page, it tells you what they did after they clicked. You can even create customized reports to group any data that you want all in one place.

AnalyticsView gives you a detailed report on how well your SEO is working

GA Plug-In for WordPress: Better Blog Data

Don’t let the straightforward-sounding name fool you. The GA plug-in for WordPress does a lot more than simply installing GA in your WordPress Dashboard! It tells you where all your visitors go on your website, and you can sort this data by category, tags, and publication date. This lets you know if your old content is still getting hits, or if some of your category names just aren’t that appealing to your users.

You can use the plug-in for WordPress for e-commerce sites too – it will tell you where visitors who bought something came from. Use this info to target your advertising!

Google Analytics Plugin by Yoast
The GA plug-in for WordPress lets you pick what you want to track on your blog!

Google Analytics, Plus More Data!

It’s amazing how much data one website can generate, even a small one. Luckily, Google Analytics and a few good apps can help you manage the data and use it to your advantage. Remember, the more you know about your website visitors, the better you’ll be able to target your content towards them. And the more your users like your content, the more popular and profitable your website will be!

  • Brittany at Sprout Social said:

    Hi Daren,

    Thanks so much for mentioning Sprout Social and glad to hear it’s a favorite of yours! I think you covered a great feature of the application – the ability for users to correlate their web traffic to social media activity.

    Thanks again for including us in your post and please let me know if I can answer any questions!


    Brittany Morse
    Online Marketing at Sprout Social

  • Daren said:

    Hi Brittany,

    Thank you for dropping by and you’re welcome! Sprout Social is indeed an useful app! :)

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