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Free Domains for Life: The Pros & Cons of Free Domain Registration

If you’re shopping around for a web host service, you’ve probably seen this: FREE Domain For Life!

Sounds like a great deal, right? It can be. But many people out there choose to register – and pay for – their domains privately rather than going through their web host. Why?

As we all know, free isn’t always so free. Our guide can help you decide if a “free domain for life” is really worth it.

Pro #1: Worry-free Domain Renewal – For Free

The obvious benefit of using your web hosting provider’s free domain name registration is simple: you don’t have to bother registering your domain yourself. Your web host keeps you current, and the service is free (as long as you’re paying for the web hosting itself, of course).

Pro #2: You Own The Domain

With free domain registration, your domain name belongs to you – not your web host. Many web hosts will allow you to transfer an existing domain name and get free automatic registration. You need to be sure to transfer your domain from your current registrar to your new web hosting service’s registrar.

Pro #3: All-in-one Service

Domain registration and web hosting are two different services, and you have to pay for both separately. Web hosts that offer free domain names for life are providing a streamlined service of convenience: your domain and webhosting are handled by a single company.

What are the cons?

Con #1: Switching Web Hosts Can Be Difficult

As you’ve probably guessed, your free domain for life is only valid as long as you stay with same web hosting company. If you decide to switch providers, that streamlined all-in-one service can become problematic. A common complaint is that people often have trouble transferring their domain name from their old web hosting service.

Many people choose to pay for their own domain registration simply to avoid conflict over domain transfer and to keep their future web hosting options open. It’s sometimes recommended that you keep your main domain name separate from your web host, and take advantage of any free registration offers by registering a backup domain with a different TLD, like “.net” or “.org.”

Con #2: The Fine Print Can Be Restricting.

Before you sign up for free domain registration, be sure to read the fine print. Many web hosts put restrictions on their free domain registration service. A few examples of restrictions include:

  • You only get one free domain registration
  • You can’t change your domain name
  • You might have to pay transfer fees

And always be sure that your free domain name is for life – some hosting companies offer free domains for the first year only.

So, What To Do?

In the end, registering a domain only costs about $5-$10 per year. Of course, if you have multiple websites, the costs of domain registration can start to add up. Take advantage of the free domain registration if you like – especially if you’re operating a smaller or personal website. But, if you plan on keeping your website and expanding in the future (especially if you’ve got a business website), you may want to keep your domain registration separate from your web hosting services.

Want To Get a Free Domain For Life?

If you want to get a free domain hosting, check out these web hosts and read about their free domain offers:

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    Domain names are a key component to a web presence. Domain names convert the numerical format that computers use to identify a website into a text based name that is easy for human users to understand and recall.


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