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A2 Hosting Review – How Much Faster Can My Site Load with A2 Turbo Server?

A2 Hosting
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Hosting Highlights:
Ultra Fast Hosting – 20x Faster with TurboHost
Solid Features with Upgrades Options
Superb Support – Certified by BBB (A+ Rating)
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Best For: Medium-large Website, E-Commerce

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Fast and reliable – those are two words you want associated with your web hosting service, right? Well, A2 Hosting fits the bill in that regard, and they offer lots of different plans so you can pick the one that’s just right for your needs. Read on to find out why we say that.

Who is This A2 Web Host Anyway?

So, you’ve never heard of A2 Hosting? Well, it’s time to change that. This is a solid company that’s been around 2001, initially established under the name Iniquinet. Thank goodness they changed because “A2” is much easier to say, plus it pays homage to their company headquarters, which are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. By the way, Ann Arbor is known as “Tree Town” due to all the trees within its boundaries, and A2 does a good job of protecting them through various environmentally friendly business practices.

The Datacenter of A2 Hosting

In all that time in business, A2 Hosting has achieved an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau due to few complaints and the ability to swiftly resolve those complaints to the customers’ satisfaction. That’s a very good track record.


If you want to know more about A2, you may want to check out their social media pages. What we love about their online presence is that there is a lot of useful and informative content rather than just plugs for their own products and services.

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A2 Hosting Backs Up Their Promise of Speed

So, A2 claims to offer blazingly fast web hosting so that your pages load very quickly, which increases page views and conversions. But they can back up that claim? It seems that yes, indeed, they can.

20x Faster with Turbo Hosting!

Part of the reason for that speedy page loading is that their hosting is on what they refer to as the SwiftServer platform of SSDs, or Solid State Drives. This is a proprietary platform design developed by their own staff with over 10 years’ experience. This platform is part of all A2’s hosting plans, along with free CloudFlare CDN and a choice of datacenters (Michigan, Europe and Asia), which ensures your site is hosted on servers located closest to your physical site. You can even test the speed of each datacenter with a handy tool they provide on their website before making a decision.

Promotion video done by A2 Hosting:

But if you want even more speed than that, you can choose to host your site on a Turbo Server, which is purported to be 20 times faster than the competition’s hosting. Site Boost is another option (for an additional charge) which increases page loading times through pre-configured caching.

Note: Both of these features are included in the shared hosting Turbo plan at no extra charge.

And finally, there’s an option called “Performance Plus.” This is another extra charge feature that doubles the size of CPU cores and RAM allotted to your account. The idea is that when your website is experiencing heavy traffic, those extras will help maintain fast page loading speeds.

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Learn More About A2 FAST Hosting

A2 optimizes their servers to achieve a better speed. Test them out.

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What Kind of A2 Hosting Plan Do I Want?

We’ve already hinted that A2 Hosting offers a lot of different options for hosting your website(s). You are sure to find exactly what you need in their array of shared hosting packages, VPS, Managed VPS, Cloud hosting, Dedicated Server or Reseller accounts.

A2 Shared Hosting Plan

Of course, the cheapest hosting plans are the 3 different levels of shared hosting, everything from a single-domain, Lite plan to a pair of “unlimited everything” (databases, domains, emails, storage space) plans. All of the shared hosting plans are also optimized for WordPress sites; they come with an Integrated ManageWP account, pre-installed WordPress software and optional Command Line WordPress Interface. A unique feature of all the shared plans is the option to use a free A2 Hosting subdomain for your site.

Those upgraded shared hosting plans are pretty hefty. They include such features as cPanel, “Server Rewind” backups, A2’s proprietary speed-optimized software, CloudFlare CDN, free site transfer and HackScan security.

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See All Hosting Features @ A2 Hosting

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A2 Is Also A Developer’s Dream

The “more everything” plan, called Turbo, includes all the extra features that make your site load even faster, as mentioned above. In addition, Turbo comes with HTTP/2, SPDY, Edge Side Includes, Websocket Proxy configuration and lots of other nerdy features.

And speaking of nerdy features, here are some more:

  • PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 or 7.0 (PHPng)
  • MySQL 5.6
  • PostreSQL 9.4
  • Python 2.4, 2.6, 2.7, 3.1 or 3.2
  • IonCube
  • Perl 5.10
  • Ruby 1.8
  • Node.js
  • SSH
  • Cron
  • Mantis
  • Redmine
  • cURL
  • WebDAV
  • Asterisk
  • Apache CloudStack
  • Clef

VPS & Dedicated Server: Upgraded A2 Hosting Plans

A2 Managed VPS

There are plenty more ways to host your website(s). The VPS plans through A2 are quite reasonably priced, with a monthly rate for the Dynamic VPS plan that rivals the Turbo shared hosting plan’s price. A2 will also managed your VPS or Dedicated Server account. And when it comes to choosing a Cloud hosting or Dedicated Server plan, you are allowed to customize it to your exact specifications.

What software do you prefer on your server? When you choose a VPS or dedicated server plan, you get your choice of Apache 2.2, Nginx and Tomcat. There are plenty of Operating System choices, as well, such as Linux, LAMP, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. And you also have a choice of version control hosting options; choose from SVN, CVS, Git or Mercurial. Finally, pick the type of control panel you prefer if cPanel is not your thing.

A2 Hosting really does offer something for everybody when it comes to their wide range of hosting plans and all the extras you can add a la carte.

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See All The Customization You Can Make

A2 VPS plans come with managed & unmanaged version.

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A2 Customer Support: 99.9% Uptime Guarantee + BBB Certified!

What is perhaps most important to many users is the type of support they can expect to receive after their purchase. After all, problems are bound to happen and questions are likely to come up.

Just like many of their competitors A2 provides 24/7/365 customer support. You can access the support team via a variety of methods, including online chat, Skype (yes!), fax and telephone. If you wish to help yourself, you can search an extensive knowledgebase or the community forum.

A2 is so confident of the servers’ reliability, they provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If your site goes down for any length of time, you will be entitled to a credit applied to your hosting account.

That all sounds good, but does A2 really live up to its promise to provide excellent support via qualified personnel? For all intents and purposes, the answer is yes. As mentioned earlier in this review, A2 has earned a coveted A+ rating from the BBB because they ensure customer satisfaction. And a quick search online shows that the majority of their customers are very satisfied with the service they receive. In fact, it’s hard to find a negative review amongst them. Other than a few users who had issues with their accounts, such as billing problems, there are few complaints. See some of the positive user review quoted from Twitter below:

Conclusions: Maybe A2 Hosting Should be Called A1!

It’s difficult to find anything negative to report about A2 Hosting. And we’re not the only ones impressed by A2; they’ve received tons of “Best Hosting” awards throughout their years in business.

A2 Host Awards

That’s why we can recommend A2 Hosting, in addition to these key features:

  • Low- to mid-priced cost plus tons of features presents a great value.
  • The hosting is blazingly fast, especially with add-on features.
  • There are plenty of hosting plans for growing or changing needs.
  • Customer support is top-rated and always available.
  • Reliable hosting backed by a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.
  • WordPress-optimized hosting.

A2 Hosting provides a fast, reliable and scalable solution for any type of website to fit any size budget. In fact, this site is hosted with A2 Hosting! That is how comfortable I am to recommend A2 to you.

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