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My name is Bryan and I run this site. For all the years I have spent on internet I have somehow accumulated valuable experiences on picking the right host service, partially because of my interest in computer and the my clients’ website design projects. I deal with the mess switching host from host every now and then due to lack of professionalism in hosting providers. Believe me it is an agony to move websites and databases.

This website serves as a platform for me to review web host and to share my experience on web hosting services, with hope that you will make the right choice getting the best one. I have written all the hosting reviews based on my experience and I only recommend hosts that I find great. The ranking of web host has combined both customers feedback and my personal experience. It takes years to finalize testes. By that mean I recommend web hosting based on solid reasons.

For your information, I am affiliated with most of the hosting providers here. I’m compensated for my hosting reviews. Being said I earn commission when you use our links to get a hosting service. But I would like to emphasize that the affiliation does neither make my reviews biased nor rip you off with higher price. In fact you are able to take advantages from my relationship with the hosts and enjoy some exclusive discounts where you cannot find elsewhere. Therefore I encourage you to check out all the coupon codes in this website.

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