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FatCow FAQ – Everything You Need To Know About FatCow


Hosting Highlights:
Unlimited Storage & 1 Free Domain
Mobile Site Builder Included
Load-Balanced Architecture, Moo Crew Support

Best For: Personal & Hobbyist Website

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Who is the cow? And what do they offer?

FatCow is a shared hosting provider targeting small and medium-sized, individual or business websites. FatCow is incorporated in the year of 1998 and their office is located in Burlington, Massachuesetts. FatCow emphasizes in hosting simplicity that they have only 1 web host plan across their service at 1 cost, which is The FatCow Plan.

Highlights of FatCow Hosting

  • Unlimited web space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email account
  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • Free drag and drop site builder software
  • Install Central embedded

What is unlimited add-on-domains?

Add-on domain is a feature that allows you to host extra independent domain name aside from the primary domain. In another word, you can host extra websites. With unlimited add-on domains, you can host multiple domains/ websites in just 1 hosting account.

Do I get free domain from FatCow?

Yes. You will get a free domain of your choice for the first year. Then you will need to pay the regular price for renewal.

How many email account can I have with FatCow?

Unlimited. You can create as many email accounts as you like with your desired name. You will however need to purchase a domain name if you wish your email address to have a different domain from the free domain.

Can I access my email account with my mobile devices?

Yes you can. You can read and reply your email through iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone and other smart phones. All you need to do is to create an IMAP mail account in your hosting and then configure your device according to the given instructions. Also with extra cost, starting at $2.95/mo, you can stay in sync with your email, calendar, contact list and etc through Microsoft Exchange.

Can I host WordPress blog with FatCow?

Yes. You can host WordPress in FatCow. With the 1 click installation, you can have WordPress blog installed in your website in no time.

How about discussion forum and e-Commerce software?

FatCow has Install Central (SimpleScripts is now included! embedded where you can access over 20 over 50 free website scripting including CMS, blog, forum, e-Commerce, image gallery and etc software. For forum, FatCow has Gbook, phpBB and SMF; for e-Commerce, FatCow has osCommerce, AgoraCart and ZenCart; for CMS, FatCow has Joomla, Drupal, Mambo and e107.

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SimpleScript Is Now Included In FatCow

SimpleScript is a powerful 1-click installation script library.

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I’m new to webmastering. How does FatCow help in developing a website?

A simple-to-use drag and drop site builder is available in FatCow. You can easily build a basic website in 2 minutes with no experience needed. Below is a video on using the drag and drop site builder for your viewing pleasure.

Can I host adult contents with FatCow?

No you are not allowed to host adult contents, including anything that is related to obscene, pornographic materials and child porn. Not only that you are not allowed to host gambling site with FatCow too.

How about hosting images?

As long as the images don’t violate the term of use, you can host images on FatCow. In fact FatCow has up to 3 website script to support images browsing. These scripts help to manage the images/ photos more efficiently. The scripts are Gallery2, Coppermine and ZenPhoto.

What support can I expect from FatCow?

FatCow offers 24×7 customer support to their subscribers through phone, email and live chat. For your information, their telephone support is solely taken care by North American operators.They also have a large database of tutorials and FAQs to support your queries. In term of quality, FatCow has pledged their support quality in HeiferCratic Oath.

What is HeiferCratic Oath?

HeiferCratic Oath is a pledge from FatCow on the quality of their support. In the oath they claim to give you a free month of hosting if they fail to deliver a positive support experience. Among the pledges are:-
  • Call you within the first seven days, welcoming you to FatCow.
  • Answer your call in under 2 minutes, on average, each day.
  • Provide phone support based exclusively in North America.
  • Resolve your issue when you first contact us or set a firm deadline to follow up with you.
  • Maintain a pleasant support experience by remaining friendly and courteous at all times.
  • Adhere to the highest training standards, so the Moo Crew is always knowledgeable.
  • Continually review and improve our support experience by sending you a follow-up survey.

How long will it take to get my website online?

After the payment, your hosting account will be set up immediately and within the next few minutes you will be able to log into your FatCow account. You can then upload your websites. With that said, your website literally goes online instantly. However, do allow up to 24 hours for the DNS of your domain name to take effect thorough the world.

Is FatCow a scam? Are they reliable?

No FatCow is not a Scam. By offering the HeiferCratic Oath, FatCow is defeinitely serious in conducting business. Their dedication has put to test in the Oath and to my knowledge FatCow is doing good so far. Also from the Google Trend screen short below, we can see FatCow’s demand is growing at a healthy rate, which is a good indicator. A scammer will not last long after all.

FatCow hosting sounds cool to me. How do I sign up?

FatCow charge $99 per year for their service. There is no contract with their hosting service but you will need to pay 1-year fee upfront. The good news is you can sign up FatCow hosting at 50% discount through this special link as the benefit of readers.

Do you have any discount coupon for FatCow?

We don’t have discount coupon code but FatCow does offer a special deal to readers. Through a special link, you can sign up FatCow at 50% off from normal price at $4.67/month$3.15. Learn more about the discount here.

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