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HostClear Review – Is HostClear Any Good To My Website?


Hosting Highlights:
Unlimited Space, Traffic
Free Domain for Life
Award-winnning cPanel

Best For: Portfolio & Local Business Site

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There are plenty of low-cost hosting plans with basic features that do a good and reliable job of hosting your small business website. HostClear is another of those brands that promises budget-friendly hosting with just enough features to create and manage a site for personal blogging or a very small business. But is it worth the low cost? Let’s review what I learned about HostClear so you can decide.

Who Is HostClear & How Serious Are They As A Website Host?


No doubt you’ve heard of the huge tech conglomerate Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI). If not, I’ll give you a short recap. Originally founded in 1997 in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA as a standalone hosting service, the company grew quickly through the acquisition of its competitors. Today EIG is the parent company of such well-known brands as BlueHost, JustHost, iPage, HostGator, HostMonster and associated tech brands such as Mojo Marketplace and Typepad. They offer web hosting solutions from entry-level to professional.

HostClear falls at the bottom of the range; it is considered a budget-priced, entry-level web host. If you ask me how serious is EIG in the web hosting scene. They are as serious as $2 billion market capital. That is a huge number!

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Unlimited Resources, eCommerce Friendly & 1 Free Domain Name for Life

There are plenty of great features included in HostClear’s shared hosting plan. For one thing, they give you unlimited (or, as they say, “unmetered”) everything: storage space and bandwidth, domains, MySQL databases and email addresses (which can easily be configured for any mobile device). As is common with most hosting plans that offer unlimited features, however, your site will be monitored and if it goes beyond a certain, unspecified limit, it may be taken down without notice.

HostClear's Control Panel To Your Websites

HostClear provides some good freebies, too, most notably a free domain name for the life of your plan. They also offer a user-friendly, drag-and-drop site builder, basic ecommerce tools (shopping cart, PayPal integration and a cPanel-accessed store), visitor statistics (via Awstats), 1GB of cloud storage, a toll-free phone number (for US customers only) and lots of online marketing credits. HostClear even gives you a free listing and a guide to introduce you to online marketing.

One thing that could be a real benefit for some customers is the option to pay for your hosting month-by-month. Unlike other competitors, there’s no contract to tie you down. Of course, it will cost more in the long run, but for many people it’s easier to pay a small amount per month than it is to come up with the total due for three years in advance.

HostClear isn’t specifically marketed as a hosting service for global customers, but it performs very well as far as page loading speed for visitors in a number of far-flung countries. And if English isn’t your preferred language, you can easily change it to French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian in your management console (either cPanel or SiteBuilder).

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The HostClear Feature List Doesn't Stop Here

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cPanel Account Management

Be aware that if you choose the drag-and-drop SiteBuilder management tool (it’s a choice between that and cPanel) when you create your hosting account, you won’t be able to change to cPanel later, so think carefully about which one is more important to you in the long run.

There are few cases where I wouldn’t recommend opting for cPanel; there are just so many more things you can do with it. Even though HostClear is an entry-level hosting plan, you can perform some fairly advanced tasks, such as creating CRON jobs and MIME types, tracking DNS and using Perl modules, RubyGems and PHP PEAR.

HostClear cPanel
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HostClear: Get Add-On Features From Within Your cPanel Account

HostClear allows customers to add features on an a la carte basis for an additional charge. This is a great way to customize your account and ensure that it provides all the features you want and need.

These add-ons include:

  • Super Charge – speed up your site’s page loading.
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • SiteLock Website Security
  • Domain Privacy – hide your WHOIS information from preying eyes.
  • Domain Registration
  • SEO Extras – advertising credits, an eBook on online marketing and search engine submission.
  • My PC Backup – an automatic backup service.
  • Ecommerce Store
HostClear Addons

From your cPanel, you can take care of lots of site management tasks, as well. It’s easy to add hosting of another site and you can purchase a new domain name for it simply by clicking on “Domains” on the left side of the management panel. Any special pricing offers for the item you choose are shown on the right or on the top of the page.

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HostClear Uses Award Winning cPanel as Web Hosting Control Panel

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Thousands of Free Website Templates

HostClear’s SiteBuilder interface is easy and simple to use. It is meant for the website newbie who doesn’t know much about coding or otherwise customizing a site.

With HostClear, you get literally thousands of website templates to choose from, for free.

They also provide a WordPress setup wizard, making this host a good choice for the blogging newcomer. If you want to create a WordPress site, you will need to select the cPanel control panel when setting up your account, which is also easy-to-use and quite popular.

Just remember that if you opt to manage your account through the site builder, you won’t have access to cPanel. So if you know your way around website design even rudimentarily, it’s better to opt for cPanel account management, which provides lots more options in terms of the extras you can add.

What You Don’t Get From HostClear

There are several features notably absent from HostClear’s single, shared hosting plan:

  • Choice of Datacenter – HostClear’s servers are all located in the US so this makes their hosting best for North American customers. Website visitors from faraway countries may experience a lag in page loading speed.
  • HIPAA Compatibility – according to their Terms of Service, “HostClear’s services do not comply with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”).” If you are affected by these laws, this is important to know.
  • Automatic Data Backups – you can order this service for an additional fee, if you like, but it isn’t included with your shared hosting plan.
  • Dedicated Server, Cloud Server or VPS Plans – if your needs outgrow the shared hosting plan, there is no choice but to move your site from HostClear’s servers.

Now the lack of some of these features might not be problem for you. But remember, HostClear provides an entry-level hosting solution that is cheap and user-friendly, so it may work perfectly fine for your needs, especially if you merely want to start a personal blog or a local business site.

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HostClear Customer Support Options

You will find quite a bit of information about your account simply by accessing your cPanel; such information as form of payment on file, hosting plan add-ons and expiration/renewal dates are all there and plain to see.

HostClear Account Info

But oftentimes, you can’t answer all your questions simply by scrolling through your cPanel. When you need extra help, there are three main ways to contact HostClear’s support department: email, live chat and phone call to a toll-free number. These options are available 24/7. They do not provide a knowledgebase, as most of their competitors do, although there are tutorials available from the account management console.

If you decide that HostClear isn’t the right plan for your needs, you have the first 45 days to cancel and receive a full refund (less $15 for your domain name, which belongs to you). To request a refund, you must send an email to the Support Team.

The same process is required to request a month’s credit for any downtime issues. HostClear guarantees that your site will experience a 99.9 percent uptime. If their servers go down for any reason other than planned maintenance, HostClear will credit your account after you send an email to the Support Team.

Conclusions: Will I Benefit from HostClear Hosting?

Is HostClear Any Good?

There are plenty of low-cost hosting providers available on the market today, and EIG offers quite a few of them, including HostClear. So, if you simply want a user-friendly hosting plan to set up a personal blog or simple WordPress site that doesn’t need a lot of customization, HostClear would be an good choice. I encourage you to take advantage of their 45 days money back guarantee and try on their service.

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