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Hostpapa Review – Can Papa Take Care of Your Website Hosting Needs?


Hosting Highlights:
100% Green Canada Hosting
Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth, Domains
cPanel with Softaculous Embedded (100+ Scripts)

Best For: Personal Website

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Let Papa Take Care of You!

From their motto it is not difficult to guess Hostpapa emphasizes in customer satisfaction. Are they successful in that? I guess the answer could be vary. Anyhow Hostpapa has been chosen as the Best Green Hosting in Their effort in preserving the planet earth is really appreciated.

Hostpapa: What’s In This Canada Host For You?

FREE Domain For Life

It doesn’t matter it’s a .com, .net, .org, .biz etc, Hostpapa will pay for your domain name. Upon sign up, you can choose a free domain of your choice. If you are a transferred customer, Hostpapa will pay for your domain from that day onwards. You can avoid paying it in the future. That will roughly save you $12/ year.

Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth & Add-on Domains

Hostpapa has standard hosting features with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited add on domains. (Poor hosting providers. Nowadays even unlimited-feature is called standard features. There goes the days where 100GB is considered a GIANT hosting plan)

With unlimited storage, bandwidth and add-on domains, we can simply host unlimited websites with Hostpapa. I have personally checked with their support on this unlimited attribution. According to him (support) the use of unlimited is limited to normal usage where subscribers can only host website files and data. Anything that excess a normal use (which is to use the web hosting as personal online data backup) is prohibited. That is reasonable. After all Hostpapa is a web hosting provider not an online-data-backup provider. Basically Hostpapa features are designed up to support you to build any numbers of LARGE websites with a few hundred of visitors visiting at the same given time. I guess this illustrates a clear picture doesn’t it?

100 MySQL Database

However, to me who am a fan of WordPress, there is 1 drawback in the features. There is a limit of 100 for MySQL database. 1 WordPress blog requires 1 database; therefore this has indirectly limited the number of blogs/ websites to 100 under my hosting account. (Who will build 100 websites under 1 hosting account after all?) Okay I know that is slightly too much but just in case. In fact I do not really need that much databases. Therefore if you are as crazy as I am, look closer whether you need more than 100 databases or not. Otherwise 100 MySQL databases are indeed much more than enough.

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See All The Hosting Features In Hostpapa

Free website builder, unlimited emails, 100+ free script and etc

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Hostpapa Is 100% Green

Hostpapa has been recognized as the Best Green Hosting here. Well the Canada host does have his charm on this. They are truly a green company where every single device in their office (including servers, fax, telephones, lighting and etc) is powered by wind power! What Hostpapa does is to hire a third party to justify their electricity usage every year, and the next year they will purchase the same amount of energy used from wind farm so that the energy will be fed back into the grid. This has directly reduced the amount of electricity generated by fossil! I really admire the effort and passion of theirs. While Hostpapa is 100% green, I have come across another green host who is 300% green!

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Hostpapa is partnering with, and Green Tags

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Hostpapa – cPanel Hosting

Fantastico Embedded = Over 50 FREE Software!

Although they are green they do not take hosting business for granted because they do have great software and scripting in supporting their hosting plan. With Fantastico embedded Hostpapa has more than 40+ software and scripts for subscribers to use. If you have not heard of Fantastico yet, you are losing up something there. Just a quick explanation, Fantastico is a script library that allows us to automatically install popular scripts like WordPress, Os Commerce Shopping Cart, Joomla, Discusstion Board and other different software.

Who Need SohoLaunch?

It is also worth noting that Hostpapa has partnership with SohoLaunch Site Builder that all hosting subscribers are entitled to enjoy this free site builder software. For your information, this builder does come with 100 free website templates. Well if you are into web developing, this feature is truly a plus point to you. But in my opinion, who needs SohoLaunch when you have access to Fantastico? You can easily have a complete system with WordPress, plus thousands of thousands free themes for you to customize your site!

Hostpapa 24×7 Customer Support

The host has comprehensive customer support where you can reach them through phone, live chat and email. All the supports are 24×7. You can be rest assured that your issue will be attended soon. Also there is a whole load of video tutorials and online help available at their website. Anyway, saying is one thing, doing is another. Therefore I suggest you to drop them a test call to verify their quality. Check out their turn-around time with their phone and live chat support. You can ask them questions like how they make their servers green and how does their unlimited storage work out. Do update me if you have any interesting find out too.

Below is the contact of Hostpapa:-
Mailing Address
115 George St., Suite 511
Oakville, ON, L6J 0A2, Canada.

North America: 1-888-959-7272
Canada: (905) 842-1297
Belgium: 0800-76-127
France: 0800-907-197
Netherlands: 0800-022-0535
Spain: 900-809-729
United Kingdom: 0800-043-7272

30 Days Money Back Guarantee – Not A Full Refund

Hostpapa does provide 30 days money back guarantee. Unfortunately it’s NOT a full refund. Upon reading their Term of Service, I find out that you will get charged for a one-time set up fee when you decided to leave Hostpapa. According to the document, the refund will be calculated by subtracting the following amounts:-

  1. An one-time set up fee
  2. All fees related to thirst-party services, like SSL
  3. All fees related to domain name registration
  4. Any additional fees that apply to the transfer of domain name

Good thing is that you can still own the domain name but there are apparently some costs to have it transferred to your new registrant. My advice, please make sure that Hostpapa is for you before proceeding. It’s not wise to waste those kind of money if you ever need a refund.

Conclusions: Is Hotspapa Recommended?

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With the planet Earth in mind, Hostpapa doesn’t mind to increase their operating cost (buying renewable energy certificates) to reduce their footprint on the environment. This is definitely a responsible act that every host should follow. So are they a recommended host? Yes, Hostpapa is recommended! However, I would like to remind you that with the price you are paying, you can get a hosting plan from a more reputable host like Web Hosting Hub and GreenGeeks (a 300% Green Host). I would advice to look around before deciding.

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Unlimited storage, bandwidth, 1 free domain name and many more

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