Anyone serious about establishing a cutting-edge online business not only requires a website but also a web hosting service that’s professionally built. The topmost benefit of choosing a great WordPress hosting service is SEO rankings and increased sales.

With tough competition among WordPress hosting services, wouldn’t it be great if you had helpful ideas on how to choose the best WordPress hosting service in 2018? Keep reading to find out.

Customer support

This should be the first factor to consider, especially if you’re a beginner. Even for experienced users, you might get stuck along the way or something could go wrong such as a security threat, prompting immediate assistance.

Most hosting providers offer support via phone, live chats, emails, and forums. A reliable customer support team will offer solutions at a moment’s notice.


The cost of WordPress hosting is a big determinant for most businesses and individuals. While it is obvious to go for cheaper offers, premium plans have more to offer.

Consider the plans and compare the features you’re likely to get. Now, determine whether that plan aligns with your online business goals. When starting out, it’s okay to go for the budget-friendly hosting provider.

However, you must be ready to scale up with the rising demands of your growing website.

Compatibility and efficiency

For a WordPress site to run without a glitch, you need a WordPress hosting provider that supports your operating system. For instance, Windows users require an SQL server or customized .NET application.

Not everyone knows the technicalities of coding. This means your web host should offer easy to click installation setup or plugins. Additionally, SSD storage and sufficient RAM capacity make it easy for your site to handle bursts of traffic without crashing.

Uptime and page load time

Nothing is disappointing as a web page that takes ages to load. You need faster load time and uptime lest you lose traffic. Your site’s performance can be fine-tuned if you use the best web hosting service provider.

Every minute your site is down, you lose valuable customers, hence money. You also lose credibility and Google rankings. That’s not what you want. Ensure your web host prioritizes constant running of your website.

Marketing aspect and email hosting

A website is a money making tool. While most web hosts may seem to offer similar service packages, they focus on different aspects. Some are security oriented and others offer more email hosting and marketing tools. You should always anticipate future growth. Hence, you might want to consider unlimited email plan options.

The role of hosting in marketing and business aspect

Data center location

The physical location of your hosting server matters. The closer your target audience is to the server, the faster the load time. This improves the overall performance of your website. For instance, if you target clients from the Australia, it is recommended to choose a data center in the Australia.

A site like SiteGround or A2 Hosting allows you to choose different server locations for a wider audience.

Other features to help you choose the best WordPress hosting service include:

  • Site transfer in case you no longer require the services of your current web host
  • Availability of add-ons to customize your website
  • Auto updates and top-level security features


Armed with such insight, you will be able to choose a WordPress hosting that perfectly suits your website.

Remember, a website that stands out is bound to succeed. Ask a lot of questions before choosing a web host to make sure it’s a good fit. So, are you ready to take your website to another level?