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Inmotion Hosting Review – Increase Your Website Speed 6x Faster!

Inmotion Hosting
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Hosting Highlights:
Host 2 Websites, 6 Parked Domains, 25 Subdomains
Site Loads 6x Faster with Max Speed Zone™
Unlimited Storage and Data Transfer

Best For: eCommerce, Blogs, Small-Giant Site

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For reliable, professional hosting of a corporate website, InMotion is absolutely an excellent choice!

If you do business on the World Wide Web, you need to be sure your site is hosted by a very reliable, feature-rich service that allows you to manage it as you wish while providing strong support when needed. Which hosting service do most internet businesses choose? InMotion! Find out why they are our #2 recommended hosting service and see if one of their hefty plans work for you.

InMotion Hosting is a Team of Web Hosting Professionals

Inmotion Hosting's West Coast Office

Founded, managed and serviced by web professionals, InMotion Hosting is a strong company with strong experience. From their inception back in 2001, InMotion has grown to service more than 300,000 domains. Fast, reliable, guaranteed, well-supported: all of these are terms their customers have used to describe this hosting service started in 2001 by a group of employees with business and technology backgrounds who wanted to offer something more.

Although they are known for their state-of-the-art hardware and software systems, InMotion Hosting is actually most proud of their human resources. Not only does every member of the management team average 10 years of experience in the industry, their customer services reps undergo rigorous training and average four years’ experience. That means they both understand the customer’s needs and concerns, but also know how to solve just about any problem.

This focus on customer service is apparent in the huge number of awards they’ve enjoyed since 2003 – everything from best customer service to best business hosting to “top uptime”. They are also a CNET certified provider, which means they meet the criteria regarding site functionality, provider standards and order fulfillment.

The company’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, with internet connections through One Wilshire, an address most famous as “the most connected building in the world”. They also maintain a secondary center of operations and datacenter in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

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Inmotion Host Is Rated A+ by Better Business Bureau

They've met all BBBOnLine participation and BBB membership standards.

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InMotion Hosting is a Green Company

Plat A Tree For Future The Los Angeles location is known as the world’s first green datacenter. That’s no accident – InMotion Hosting is committed to doing business in an eco-friendly manner and reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible in both their datacenters and office space. Not only do they reduce energy consumption, they offset their largest energy output by utilizing Outside Air Cooling technology to cool their servers and air condition their buildings. InMotion’s Los Angeles datacenter is the first to use this new technology.

They are also partners to the nonprofit organization, Trees for the Future, which plants thousands of trees throughout developing nations around the world. This commitment to renewing existing resources is the perfect adjunct to their recycling, waste reduction and energy conservation initiatives. If doing business with a green company is important to you, InMotion fits the bill!

Shared Hosting Plans from InMotion Host

Unbeatable Features with Inmotion Hosting
InMotion offers 3 levels of shared “Business Class” plans: Launch ($5.99 $3.49 per month), Power ($7.99 $4.49 per month) and Pro ($13.99 per month). All business-class servers use the Linux CentOS operating system.

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All plans feature unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free domain registration or transfer and a free domain name for the first year. The differences between plans is in the number of MySQL databases and websites available per account; you get 2 of each with the Launch plan plus 6 parked domains and 25 subdomains. For a small business or personal site hosting, this is probably enough.

If you have a larger enterprise or need e-commerce capability, you may want to opt for the beefier Power or Pro package. The Power plan allows for 6 websites, 26 domains, 100 subdomains, 50 MySQL databases and 2,000 FTP accounts. The Pro account allows up to 25 websites, unlimited domains, subdomains and FTP accounts as well as 200 MySQL databases.

Note: Although my website is hosted with the Power Plan, I get feedbacks that the Launch plan is actually more cost-effective. Thus if you are hosting less than 3 websites, Launch Plan is more than enough.

What else do you get from an InMotion shared hosting plan? A lot! Take a look:

  • 280+ applications including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
  • Softaculous and Fantastico installer
  • WYSIWYG website builder
  • $275 worth of free advertising credits
  • Automatic data backups every 24 – 36 hours (for sites up to 10GB)
  • Mobile email
  • Spam Assassin
  • Support for streaming and interactive media
  • Max Speed Zones (your choice of datacenter location)
  • Support for coding languages PHP 4 or 5, PERL 5, Python, MySQL 4 or 5, PHPMyAdmin
  • Statistics tracking via AWStats
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The List Doesn't Stop Here!

Your host plan includes free site transfer, 20Gb connectivity, 99.9% uptime etc

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Inside Information

InMotion also provides an “Education Program” that provides discounted hosting fees to students and educational institutions.

Do be aware that there are always limits to unlimited account terms. In the case of InMotion shared hosting plans, the limit is 50,000 files. Excessive use of resources may result in your website being taken down, without notice.

Plenty Room for Growth – VPS and Dedicated Hosting Packages

If you want to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server account, Inmotion offers these options, as well.

There are 3 levels of VPS hosting to choose from, with prices ranging from $29.99 to $74.99 per month. Each level offers a varying amount of RAM, disk space, bandwidth and IP addresses on servers running Linux CentOS with cPanel or WHM. LaunchAssist is an included program that allows you to easily set up your server.

Dedicated hosting is also available in 3 basic tiers of service: Essential ($119.99 per month), Advanced ($159.99 per month) and Elite ($219.99 per month). Once again, you get to choose from varying levels of RAM, storage, bandwidth and IP addresses. These servers incorporate either Intel Core or Xeon processors, dual core or quad core.

Additionally, two commercial packages on dedicated servers are available for large enterprises costing $469.99 or $569.99 a month.

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cPanel included (VPS), Burstable RAM (VPS), Max Speed Zone enabled etc

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InMotion Hosting’s Propriety Max Speed Zone™

Max Speed Zone

When you choose InMotion to host your website(s), you also get a choice of which datacenter you’d like to use for hosting your files (for any Business Class or VPS account). The company refers to this as their “Max Speed Zones”. By choosing the location nearest to your audiences (East or West coast of the United States), your website enjoys the fastest loading times (up to 6 times faster!) and file transfer speeds. In addition, the process of peering provides a direct data connection that allows you to much more quickly access your files.

Inmotion Hosting's Last 7 Days Uptime Stats
Inmotion’s Last 7 Days Uptime Stats

What about server reliability? InMotion has a money back guarantee in case your website is not up 99.9% of the time during the contract period. According to their Terms of Service, “in the event of interruptions to the Services caused by a breach of the foregoing warranties, issue Customer a credit in an amount equal to the current monthly service fees pro rated by the number of hours in which the Services have been interrupted.” It is unlikely you would have to ask for a refund based on downtime, however, as InMotion enjoys an average of 99.863% uptime over the past several years and 100% within the last 6 months.

The matter of fact, my site is up for 100% thorough the year!
InMotion’s BGP4 network uses enterprise versions of Linux and Unix operating systems. For security, they employ 24/7 monitoring using a Proactive System Management tool in addition to armed guards patrolling the sites. The network is fully N+1 redundant and backed by battery and diesel generators in case of power failure. They use Tier 1 internet service providers and Dell and Cisco hardware. Routers are carrier grade level.

All of these precautions, combined with an attention to emerging technology, ensure that customers’ stay secure and websites stay online.

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Host Your Website with Inmotion Hosting @ $3.49*!

* Price include 1 free domain name & Max Speed Zone

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24x7x365 Customer Support Options

Part of The Team In Los Angeles Data Center
InMotion’s support team is different than other providers’. For one thing, all team members are required to take 160 hours of training prior to ever answering the phone or responding to customers via email, online chat or online support ticket. That means their customer support representatives are highly qualified to offer help on a wide variety of issues.

Help is available from CSRs 24/7. In addition to calling, emailing, chatting or submitting an online ticket, many questions are answered on the company’s extensive Knowledgebase site. They also provide numerous video tutorials, a user community and links to many tools and resources elsewhere on the Web. It doesn’t do any good to post issues on their social media pages, however, as they are not responded to promptly.

Another thing that sets InMotion’s customer service apart from other companies is a personal phone call to each new customer. There are very few website hosting companies that offer this kind of personal service and it’s both unique and welcome in this age of purely digital communication.

Premier Support is an option available at an additional charge, although customers purchasing a dedicated hosting plan are allowed two hours in the initial 30 days of their account for free. There are a variety of services perfect for busy entrepreneurs who need fast answers, consultations or enterprise-wide solutions to hosting problems. You can either pay a monthly fee for Premier Support or pay per instance at an hourly rate.

Industry Leading 90-days Money Back Guarantee!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

InMotion provides a very generous trial period of their services during which you can request all of your money back, for any reason. You have 90 days in which to try InMotion and ask for a refund (applicable to one- or two-year Business Class or VPS contracts). All other plans and contract periods are subject to a 30-day money back guarantee policy. Domain names and services paid to outside vendors are not eligible for refund, however.

Accounts can be cancelled simply by filling out an online form. You don’t have to provide a reason for your cancellation so this truly makes InMotion a “try before you commit” service with no risk.

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Conclusions: Should You Choose InMotion Hosting?

InMotion has a lot of things going for it. While their service is geared mainly toward small- to medium-sized business websites, the Launch plan is an economical alternative for personal sites, too (although you may want to check out InMotion’s sister company, WebHostingHub, for personal use hosting). While their plans are not the cheapest you will find, you do get what you pay for and you will get more for your money when you choose InMotion. Here’s why we recommend it:

  • Very knowledgeable and experienced support team
  • Fast loading sites and file uploading via Max Speed Zones
  • 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Green company using eco-friendly technology
  • Scalability – lots of different levels of shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans
  • Personal phone call to all new account holders

So while they are not the cheapest hosting service, don’t forget you can enjoy a 50% discount simply by ordering InMotion hosting service through our links (Click here now).

Are there any real disadvantages to using InMotion? Not that we can see. If you are a small- or mid-sized business owner (or even giant-sized), an InMotion hosting plan would be the perfect fit! With their money-back satisfaction guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

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Host Your Website with Inmotion Hosting @ $3.49*!

* Price includes 1 free domain name & Max Speed Zone

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