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iPage Frequent Asked Questions: What Can You Do with iPage?


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Who is iPage and what can I do with them?

iPage is a website hosting provider. They provide shared hosting services. iPage is one of the hosts under the Endurance International Group umbrella. Dedicated to provide simple hosting at an affordable price, iPage has successfully gain solid ground in this competitive industry. With the comprehensive features in iPage Essential Plan you can build literally everything and anything that is website related.

What are the highlights of iPage hosting plan?

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Install Central – over 20 free website scripts
  • Template-based site builder

Do I get a free domain with iPage hosting?

Yes you will get a free domain registered upon your iPage subscriptions. However, the domain name is not free for life. You will need to pay for the renewal fee the next year at $9.95/year.

I have a domain hosted elsewhere. Can I transfer the domain to iPage?

Yes you can. iPage will help you to transfer the domain to iPage. Moving your domain to iPage enables you to manage your hosting and your domain name in one account using a single username. You can also have the option to activate the domain automatic renewal and domain privacy protection in iPage.

However, iPage only helps you transferring your domain name. You will need to transfer the website files yourself.

How many independent websites I can host with iPage?

With the unlimited add on domain feature, subscribers can host unlimited independent websites with iPage, as long as you pay for the extra domain. You can either register a domain name with other registrants like GoDaddy or you can register the domain name straight from iPage. The former will requires you to change the DNS (Domain Name Server) to point at your iPage hosting and the latter has the default DNS pointing at iPage.

Can I have my own email accounts? How many are available?

Yes. iPage allows subscribers to create as many email accounts as you want. You can create email address with your own domain name. For example your domain is and you can choose any name as To access your mailbox, you have 2 options which are to read your mail through web based mail client or download the email to your local mail client like Outlook.

You can also set mail forwarders and auto responder with your newly created mail box. To do this, you can refer to the video guide that is available at iPage tutorial section.

Can I synchronize my email account with mobile device?

Yes you can. You can read your email at your mobile devices like iPhone and Blackberry. All you need to do is to configure your devices to operate with IMAP protocol. Clear instructions to configure the settings are given under the mail client configuration in the web hosting control panel.

What control panel is iPage using?

iPage uses vDeck control panel. As contrary to the common belief, vDeck is equally powerful as compared to cPanel. On top of that, iPage has their technical team worked on customizing their control panel that it is now more user-friendly and compact.

Does iPage support Fantastico?

No. However, iPage has Install Central which serves as the same function as Fantastico. It has numerous pre-installed scripting for your website. It allows you to install the website scripts in a few mouse clicks. Among the popular one are WordPress, phpBB, Moodle, Joomla, Gallery2, osCommerce and etc.

Now, iPage also support SimpleScript, a powerful script library which first introduced in Bluehost hosting. iPage has now over 50 pre-install scripts inside their control panel. All you need is a mouse click to get the script installed and running.

iPage's Script List In SimpleScript

What shopping carts are available with iPage hosting?

When you are hosting an online store, a shopping cart is necessary to handle the transactions. With iPage there are altogether 4 different brands of shopping carts. They are: – 1) Shoptsite (starter version), 2) osCommerce, 3) Agora and 4) ZenCart. All shopping cart software come free with iPage hosting. Also, shared SSL is provided with the the hosting plan.

Can I host WordPress blog in iPage?

Yes you can. You need to first install the WordPress software into your hosting. The installer can be found in Simple Script.

How many WordPress can I host in iPage?

With the feature unlimited add-on domains, you can host as many WordPress blog as you like in iPage. All you need to do is to purchase an extra domain name with domain registrant like GoDaddy and point it to iPage hosting.

Can I host image with iPage?

Yes you can. You can utilize the pre-installed software including Gallery2, Coppermine and ZenPhoto to manage your photos. However, the photos you are hosting must not be pornographic related.

Can I host adult contents/ pornographic in iPage hosting?

No. iPage does not allow adult and pornographic contents.

What customer support can I expect from iPage?

iPage has 24×7 phone, chat and email support. It’s worth noting that all their phone agents are based in North American. iPage also pledges to answer the phone call in less than 2 minutes. In term of documentation, iPage has a huge directory of tutorials and guides that you can refer to without going through their staffs.

Help Center In iPage

Am I tied up with any contract when I sign up iPage?

No. You are not stuck in any contract when you sign up iPage, thanks to the anytime money back guarantee. However, you can only subscribe with 12 or 24 month terms. Having that said, you will need to pay upfront the full amount of hosting fee one shot.

What is the anytime money back guarantee by iPage?

iPage has 2 money back guarantee policies. They are 30 days full refund guarantee and anytime money back guarantee. If you cancel your hosting within the first 30 days, you get full refund; if you cancel your hosting later than that, you get a pro-rated refund. Hence you pay for what you have used. You can leave anytime if you are not satisfied with iPage.

How long will it take to get my website online?

After you have complete the payment, your hosting account will be set up immediately and within the next 10 minutes you will be able to access your iPage account. From there you can upload your website files and your website is live right after. Hence your website literally goes online immediately. However, do allow up to 24 hours for the DNS of your domain name to take effect thorough the world.

Is iPage trustable? Are they a scam?

iPage is currently hosting 1 million websites/ domains (at the time of writing) and the number is still growing. Also iPage has been recognized as the best hosting by many web hosting review sites. Hence iPage is definitely not a scam. Below is the chart taken from Google Trend which shows a healthy growth on their demand.

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