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Lunarpages Review – We Do Not Recommend Lunarpages

I do not recommend Lunarpages anymore. There are a few reasons that caused me to make this decision but all in all I think Lunarpages is no longer a deal. Their web hosting services are questionable in many aspects. Anyway with the price Lunarpages charges, there are far more better options like SiteGround, Inmotion Hosting and Hostgator.

Hosting Highlights:
Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
Microsoft Hosted Exchange
Lunarpages Is Not Recommended Anymore


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Lunarpages is the very first web hosting that I know since my day one in the internet. I myself personally have 4 ongoing websites hosted with them for 4 years. These long period have told me basically everything about the host from their uptime performance to their support team. Trust me, Lunarpages is a good host.

However, what is saddening is that Lunarpages has recently lost up in the marketing war and many new hosts have popped up from nowhere to compete with them. Being one of the oldest hosts available in the internet Lunarpages has grown aggressive. They have not only lowered their price they have also refined their hosting features. After all Lunarpages is a giant that will not be easily defeated.

What can you expect from Lunarpages features?

Lunarpages is one of the first who jump into providing unlimited storage and data transfer. We can simply host any files including videos, sounds, product reviews, photo galleries and etc without limit in just one Lunarpages account. Lunarpages also allows subscribers to host unlimited websites. What does it mean? It means you can have different individual website with the website files stored under the same server root.

So with the unlimited website, storage and domain names, we can have as many website as possible, and best of it, under just 1 hosting account. This is the true meaning about unlimited features.

Software: Free $775 worth of Software

Hosting features will be pointless if they are not supported by quality software. Because of that Lunarpages has somehow get the deal from different software providers to give out free bonus software worth $775 to all hosting subscribers. There is no free lunch in the world so since the software is free most people will think that the freebies are not something useful. Is this what you are thinking? If yes then you have made a great mistake. Lunarpages is truly dedicated to give the best to their customers that the software are all from recognized brand. The free software includes of Parallels Workstation (allow you to run different OS side by side with single PC), WinSettings (boosting maximum performance of Windows), Gafana (spam blocking, virus protection and email management), DMXReady’s Contact Us Manger, LogoCreator and much more. The software might not be needed by everyone though but nobody could tell you will need them in the future. So the more software the better the hosting provider is.

In another hand, Lunarpages hosting has Fantastico embedded. That means with that you are given access to 50++ free website scripting and software too. The scripts includes of blogs like WordPress, content management system like Joomla, shopping cart like CubeCart and Zen Cart, discussions board like SMF and etc. Long words short, Lunarpages has more than enough resources to back you up for your website building.

Customer Support

Again customer support is emphasized in Lunarpages being one of the oldest hosts truly understand the importance of customer support and have been ongoing upgrading their support system.

Their support includes of live chat, telephone support, email support, ticketing system, forums, Lunarpages wiki, online tutorials and etc. However the amount of support medium is not that important here. This is because the efficiency of the support is the only concern. Well, with my years of experiences with them, they do have a good record. They have fast responses and best of it effective responses. Often time issues are solved within a few emails which takes around 12 hours. Bravo!

Pricing: Cheap Web Hosting

As compared to years ago, Lunarpages is much cheaper now. They only charge $4.95 per month for 12 month subscription which contributes to $59.40 per year. Imagine all the features we are getting, from unlimited features (high-tech server computers and back up system) to 24/7 support (a technician standing by at the server room guarding your data 24/7, how much you want to get paid to do this job?). Sometime I do wonder how they keep things organized and running with such a low profit. Do they compromise the cost with quality? From my observations this assumption is not possible as Lunarpages has very good uptime all this while. Perhaps the competition is so fierce among web hosting providers that price cutting strategy kicks in.

Conclusion: Is Lunarpages Recommended?

Lunarpages Is Not Recommended

I myself am still hosting with them without any problems. I am the role model of Lunarpages hosting. So I do recommend Lunarpages. However, if you were to ask which to choose between Hostgator and Lunarpages, I will ask you to go for Hostgator if you are on business and go for Lunarpages if you are slightly under budget. Please do not get sensitive here that which hosting outranks which hosting, both the web hosts are great host but due to their pricing and different attributions (Hostgator is more expensive and more to business hosting; Lunarpages is much cheaper and more to personal hosting) I have to make such suggestions. Anyhow I encourage you to try checking out yourself at Lunarpages and justify my words.

Sorry pal, I quitted hosting with Lunarpages some time ago. Learn why Lunarpage sucks. I seriously think Lunarpages does not worth your money anymore. If you are looking for a similar host with shared hosting with option to expand, check out our current #1 hosting – SiteGround, or my current host Inmotion Hosting.

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