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PowWeb Review: Can PowWeb’s Load Balancing Technology Achieve 100% Uptime?


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PowWeb is yet another provider that offers shared hosting service. Founded in 1999, PowWeb is in the hosting business for more than a decade. PowWeb is one of the few web hosting companies that stands on their own feet. From hardware to software, entire infrastructure was built and developed in-house by their programmers and developers. PowWeb definitely has a team of hosting veterans working behind.

PowWeb Load Balancing Technology Ensures 99.9% Infrastructure Availability

As mentioned above, the team of PowWeb is very strong in technical. This is further proven by their proprietary load balanced technology. All their servers run on load balancing and therefore web sites hosted with them will have multiple paths to serve the users.

To illustrate the technology, imagine your web site files are stored in a few different servers, let’s say 2 servers. When there is a request to your website, 1 of them will respond by sending your website through the backbone connections to the user’s computer. So what happen when that server goes down? Nothing happen as another server will replace the down server and continue serving the users. This is what they call redundancy.

Load Balance Server In PowWeb
Figure 1: PowWeb’s Load Balance Technology

PowWeb With vDeck Control Panel = Easy Hosting Management

In term of usability, PowWeb uses vDeck as their control panel. In order to enhance the hosting experience, PowWeb has also further customized vDeck.

vDeck might sound not so familiar to you as most of the hosting companies use cPanel. However, popularity does not equal to functionality. VDeck is equally a powerful tool for web hosting management. In fact, more customization can be done in vDeck as compared to cPanel.

One of the usability highlights vDeck has is the Install Central. It is a script library with big collection of website applications. Users can install different scripts like WordPress, b2evolutions, SMF, photo gallery and wiki application easily. Also famous with e-commerce features, vDeck provide conveniences to business owners to embed system such as paypal and shopping carts.

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Over 50 scripts are included in Install Central

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PowWeb Hosting As BBB Member

PowWeb is a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has agreed to the Bureau’s membership standards, which include a commitment to ethical business practice. They have also won numerous hosting awards since the start of their operations. The awards include of Editors’ Choice Award by, Award Winner by and Top5 Host Winner by For your information, PowWeb is also recognized as the first runner up of the Best vDeck Hosting here.

Conclusion: Is PowWeb Recommended?

After looking carefully at the hosting features, PowWeb is actually a standard web host. There is nothing legendary with PowWeb. They offer unlimited hosting; they provide 24×7 supports; they have script library and etc, just like other big shot is providing nowadays. I would say the obvious privilege of PowWeb over others for the time being is their low price and load balance servers.

So are they recommended? PowWeb is fairly a good host. Their performance is unquestionable with their redundant technology earning them good reputations. As far as web hosting concerns, PowWeb is safe enough to for small and medium websites. So if you are into PowWeb, I would say go for it. Alternatively, you can check out other shared hostings here.

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