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SiteGround – Flexible, Reliable Web Hosting with Excellent Support?


Hosting Highlights:
10GB Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Emails, DBs
Free Website Builder
Free Daily Backup, Free CloudFlare CDN

Best For: eCommerce, Online Business Websites

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There are lots of website hosting companies offering low-priced deals to get you to sign up. But you usually get what you pay for – not a lot of features, excessive rules and slow, unresponsive support. If you’ve already been there, done that and you want to find a reasonably priced hosting service that allows you to do what you want with your website, then it may be time to try SiteGround.

SiteGround, the Company

Tenko Nikolov (Top) and Reneta Tsankova (Bottom)
Tenko Nikolov (Top) and Reneta Tsankova (Bottom). Meet others here.

Let’s start by reviewing the company behind the name. SiteGround is headed by Tenko Nikolov, Reneta Tsankova and Niki Todorov. Kind of sounds like a Russian jazz trio, doesn’t it? I don’t know about their musical ability but they do have over 9 years’ experience in the IT industry in addition to various management, marketing and technical skills. That could be why this top management threesome decided to make SiteGround one of the most flexible web hosting services available today.

The company has been in business since 2004 and they’ve grown a lot in those years. Today SiteGround boasts more than 1,100 servers in their datacenters and they host over 250,000 domains. They have offices in Panama, London and Sofia, Bulgaria while their datacenters are located throughout the world.

SiteGround is active on social media and maintains a company blog. They feature a lot of contests and informative content, rather than just trying to advertise their services or sell their company. Their Facebook page has over 9,000 likes and they have over 4,000 followers on Twitter. They do a great job of engaging their audience, unlike many other website hosting companies, who don’t place any importance on the impact of social media.

Every hosting company provides a Terms of Service document, which is usually quite long and full of legal terminology. SiteGround doesn’t do that. It’s a single Web page of text written in an easy-to-understand format. That’s another thing the company does right.

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Learn More About The People In SiteGround

There are 90 of them and they love what they do.

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What Kind of Web Hosting Plan Do You Want?

What do you want to do online? No matter your goal – whether it’s starting an e-commerce business, reselling hosting packages, developing a secure site on a dedicated server or simply blogging for personal reasons – SiteGround has a plan for you. To that end, they offer shared, semi-dedicated, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting accounts. SiteGround also offers hosting plans specifically geared toward e-commerce and Mac users.
Shared Hosting Plans
SiteGround’s shared hosting plans use the popular cPanel management tool. This provides an easy way to manage everything about your site, everything from uploading files to installing scripts.

By the way, you get the $6.95 $3.95!! price whether you sign up for a 1-month or 36-month account, or anything in between. Do be aware that various add-ons and upgrades which cost an additional amount, will be automatically added to your order unless you un-check these options prior to the checkout process. You will have 30 days to decide if SiteGround hosting is right for you or you can request a full refund of your money, letting you try before you commit to the full length of your contract period.

If your site is large, complex and resource-hungry, you should probably opt for a more expensive plan.The next step up is their GrowBig hosting account. This is still shared hosting, but you get a lot more disk space and bandwidth along with greater CPU. With prices ranging from $7.95 $14.95 a month (20GB space/ Upto 25,000 visits) to $14.95 $29.95 a month (30GB space/ upto 100,000 visits), you also get your choice of three datacenters for hosting your website, depending on where in the world you are located (North America, Europe or Asia-Pacific). GrowBig and GoGeek include priority support.

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See All Features in SiteGround Shared Host Plan

Price starts from $3.95* ($9.95 Save 60%) with no min. subscription period.

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Entry Level Dedicated ServerThe Entry Level Dedicated Server. See all.

A Cloud Platform may be just what you need if you are looking for even more space and speed. Hosted on a faster cloud server in a fully redundant network using a solid state drive (SSD), SiteGround’s Cloud Host packages are tailored to meet your needs. You get to choose how many CPU cores, how much RAM, space and traffic you want included in your account and priced according to these features. A nice feature of SiteGround’s Cloud packages is that they are fully managed. SiteGround staffers provide 24/7 monitoring, software installation and software updates.

And, finally, SiteGround also offers dedicated hosting plans. With prices ranging from $229 to $429 per month, these managed server accounts can handle up to 5TB of traffic, 1TB HDD and 16GB DDR3 RAM. These accounts are perfect for power users with large websites and huge amounts of traffic who want a private server that is managed for them by professionals. There is a setup fee of either $49 or $99 required with dedicated hosting packages.

Fast Server Response Time & 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Of course, the main consideration for most website owners is the safety and security of their files, along with a fast loading speed provided by the latest technology. SiteGround fulfills these requirements admirably by using Tier 1 providers, whenever possible, and implementing unique procedures that ensure any hardware or network issues are resolved immediately.

SiteGround has three datacenters located in Chicago, IL, Amsterdam and Singapore. Servers are managed via 1H software and monitored by the 1H Guardian tool for faster problem resolution. 1H Hive provides superior security for your website by immediately identifying and isolating hacked accounts on a server.

Locations of SiteGround Datacenter
In order to minimize downtime, SiteGround keeps a large inventory of spare servers and parts. In addition to physical security systems in place at each datacenter, actual humans are employed to assess any possible threats to the safety of the company’s servers.

The company’s dedication to speed, security and technology shows in their exemplary uptime statistic of 99.99% (source: It just doesn’t get any better than that. In fact, SiteGround guarantees that all customers will enjoy a 99.9% uptime. User reviews regarding uptime are all extremely positive, making SiteGround a great choice when reliability is a main concern.

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You Can Choose The Datacenter To Host Your Website

The hosting plan includes free CloudFare CDN to speed up your site too.

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The SiteGround Support Team

SiteGround Team
Particularly for novice users, a website hosting service is only as good as its support team. But anyone who encounters a problem or has a question wants a knowledgeable answer or solution and they want it fast, regardless of experience or expertise. And SiteGround support personnel, with their “can do” attitudes, provide just such a valuable service.

All customers enjoy a 15-minute response time on support tickets submitted through the Helpdesk and automatic escalation to a higher tier of support if the issue can’t be resolved by a first responder. For customers with a GrowBig, GoGeek, Cloud or dedicated hosting account, the priority support included in these packages means you can expect your support ticket to be addressed within five minutes.

When you are looking for quick tips, try browsing SiteGround’s online knowledgebase or FAQ page, both of which feature extensive resources for a variety of problems. You can also view one of their numerous video tutorials on subjects such as CMS, forums and shopping carts. You can reach a customer service representative (CSR) via telephone, email or live chat. All support options are available 24/7.

The only negative reviews of SiteGround support we could find are due to billing issues; for most customers, the level of support received for website and/or hosting issues is excellent. In fact, SiteGround CSRs are known for going above and beyond in providing answers to questions that aren’t even directly related to their hosting service.

Is SiteGround the Right Hosting Service For You?

When it comes to website hosting companies, there are plenty of options available. Lots of them are reasonably, or even cheaply, priced and most offer the same, or similar, features. So why would you choose SiteGround as your hosting company? SiteGround gets a lot of things RIGHT. Among them:

  • Good pricing – $3.95 $9.95 save 60% for first term.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Flexible and scalable hosting plans – Plenty room for growth
  • Excellent, quick customer service
  • Reliable hosting (99.9% uptime guarantee)
  • Lots of free tools and apps including CloudFare CDN
  • cPanel management tool with SSH access
  • Simple, easy-to-understand terms of service
Are there any drawbacks to using SiteGround? None that we could find. SiteGround offers website hosting solutions for any type of client, no matter how small or how large, how much traffic or how much space is needed. As one reviewer claims, this is a high-tech company with a human touch – a rare combination. When you want reliable, secure, fast and feature-packed web hosting, it’s hard to beat the value you get from SiteGround.

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