You know that you have to create content to start blogging. Your only problem is how to craft magnetic content that people will love to read and share. There’s more to posting great posts on your blog than just writing.

It’s better to post a few well researched and structured articles weekly than to post daily without getting a real audience. There’s no magic secret that will elevate your blog to earning thousands of dollars a month. It takes hard work, commitment and the ingredients this article offers.

1- Understanding your audience

To write a successful blog, strive to understand what your audience wants. Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to find interesting topics that your audience is discussing. This way, you’ll know exactly what type of content will attract your readers.

Needless to say, finding a niche is crucial. People always tend to trust the opinions of experts. No wonder toothpaste ads use “dentists” (not that they are real dentists) to advertise their products.

2- Plan your blog post

Now that you understand your audience, you need an outline that acts as a rough guide on what your blog article will cover. It can simply include sections like an introduction, the body (with several parts under headlines), and the conclusion.

You can never go wrong with a catchy headline. For some, it’s easier to write a headline first followed by the content. Others write the content first and then see what headline best fits the article.

3- Originality

Surprisingly enough, even pro bloggers don’t know everything. To produce quality content, we must do a lot of research by using multiple reliable sources. The information may not be perfect but avoid erroneous facts as much as possible. Examples of authoritative sources include government sites, research papers, and industry experts.

Always make sure your content is original.

4- Proofread

Don’t make the mistake of publishing an article with grammatical errors. Not only does it paint a bad picture but also tells your readers that you didn’t prepare well. After you finish writing, set it aside for a couple of hours or even a day, then edit and proofread before you hit publish.

5- Visual content

Your goal is to write content for people to read. Studies show that content with images draws more people than those without. It’s just how the human mind is created.

Our eyes follow an attractive image and that alone could be the basis of getting lots of traffic.

Our brains love visual content

Why Your Brain Loves Visual Content [Infographic]

6- Find your voice

When it comes to writing, what matters most is not what you say, but rather how you say it. People follow bloggers because of their voice, not their site. So, your voice is of paramount importance because it resonates with your readers.

To sum it up…

Before publishing a blog post, ask yourself if readers will find your article interesting enough to email to friends or share on social media. This tip will help you write a successful blog.

Over to you now. Implement the above tips and you’ll be on your way to hitting thousands of visits a month.

Credit – Infographic by Column Five.