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SuperGreen Hosting Review – SuperGreen Is Now JustHost!

Ever since acquired by Endurance International Group, SuperGreen has gone 1 step further by restructuring into a bigger host offering more variety of web hosting packages. SuperGreen is now merged with JustHost and is managed under Bluehost’s management. It seems complicated but with Bluehost around – one of the oldest hosts in the industry (1996) – SuperGreen is even better now. Learn more at JustHost Review. FYI, all links to SuperGreen is now redirected to JustHost.

Hosting Highlights:
Professional Green Hosting
FREE Instant Setup
FREE Point & Click Site Builder

Best For: Personal & Small-Medium Website

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Super Green Hosting – Who Are They?

SuperGreen as the name speaks, is a green hosting. It emphasizes in preserving the environment by providing an environmental friendly hosting service. Apparently, SuperGreen is designed for those who have a mind on our planet Earth.

If you dig deeper into the background of SuperGreen hosting, you will find out that they are actually a sister company to JustHost, under the same company group of JustDevelopIt. Although it sounds like both web hosting companies are the same, but the truth is they are different, in terms of hosting hardware and company operation.

JustDevelopIt wants a balance between their business and their green mind. As an outcome, SuperGreen is developed to encourage users to host with green servers.

The Green Policy of SuperGreen Hosting

There is a fact being shared in SuperGreen hosting website that I cannot agree more:-

Very few people realize the true impact the web hosting industry has on the environment, the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV let alone the data centre where the server is located which consumes on average as much electricity as 30,000 households.

Let’s put it another way… your website is hosted on a server which on average produces around 12½ Tonnes of CO2 each year, that is a huge amount of CO2!

That’s quite a scary stat! So to reduce the number, SuperGreen hosting engage green servers from Dell. The green servers can manage to produce 20% less CO2 as compared to average servers. And to neutralize the rest of the 80% CO2 produced, SuperGreen has involved in tree planting projects. That makes your websites hosted on a ZERO CO2 production hosting!

Well, their greening effort is very straight forward and effective!

What Good Does SupperGreen Hosting Make?

SuperGreen does not stop at being green. They have been outstanding in their hosting performance as well. Not mentioning the 99.9% uptime that they have achieved, their hosting features and customer supports are among the highlights.

Speaking of their hosting features, SuperGreen is a cPanel hosting. It means their web hosting plan is user friendly enough that even newbie can handle it. In term of resources, SuperGreen meets up the industry standard too, with unlimited storage, bandwidth and other necessary gadgets.

SuperGreen does manage to give me a feeling of worry-free, from their green policy to their hosting performance. You just know they will take care of everything. Perhaps this is the reason why they are successful.

Conclusion: Is SuperGreen a Recommended Host?

Absolutely! I do recommend SuperGreen for 2 reasons – 1) their green policy and 2) Their hosting performance. If you were to ask me to choose between JustHost and SuperGreen, I would choose SuperGreen. Both web hosting are outstanding but SuperGreen has definitely lesser impact on our beloved planet! We need to do something to save Her!

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SuperGreen Is Now JustHost!

JustHost offers reliable and affordable hosting starting @ $3.50

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