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Web Hosting Pad Review – Simply Too Cheap To Mention

It’s rare that I do not recommend a web hosting. However WebHostingPad has failed me badly many times that I need to put them under my not recommended list! If you are looking for a cheap yet quality host, check out iPage instead!
Web Hosting Pad
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Hosting Highlights:
Unlimited Hosting Space
Cheap Pricing @ $1.99/mo
Web Hosting Pad Is Not Recommended


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As you might have known, this website is hosted on WebHostingPad since January 2009. They are really cheap and have strong features. Everything looks just fine on their feature page: cPanel, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and blah blah blah. Everything looks just too fine including that EXTREMELY LOW price!

You know what?! Hosting with WebHostingPad is definitely one of my BIGGEST mistakes in life!

WebHostingPad Sucks! What Actually Happened On Me?

At first the hosting works just normal. Their uptime is okay; database connection is working; support is doing their job and I was pleased.

But soon after 3 months, everything starts to change. If I were correct, that was the time where WebHostingPad lower down their monthly price even more – to $1.99/month! Oh man, they are way too desperate for sales!

Hosting uptime has become lousy! So I contacted customer support and as expected, they disappeared! Support was not there when I needed them! No, not only one time but many times! And their responses were real slow! It might take up to 3-4 days in order to get their email reply! WOW..what a 24×7 support!

It really pissed me off!

The Truth of WebHostingPad

The truth is WebHostingPad is too cheap!

$1.99/month for 3 years commitment and that translates into total $71.64 for the whole 3 years. They charge too low! I don’t think they can even maintain their basic operation with their pring. What is so much left for 24×7 support? Free domain? Unlimited storage?

This world is very fair; you want cheap pricing, you get cheap services.

Conclusion: Is Web Hosting Pad Recommended?

Web Hosting Pad Is Not Recommended

My experience has said it all. No I DO NOT recommend WebHostingPad, not even for hobby/ leisure purpose! You should save your money and stay away from them. Look at other top hosting brands!

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I recommend iPage if you are looking for a budget hosting with great feature!

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